Amanda Archibald
memory of timeunion marketdupont circlesights unseenbetween the lineswest potomac parkshe stands alonehometown, u.s.a.the universe is indifferentcyprus fruitsparosfirenze looking glasswashington, d.c.tour eiffelmontagnola light #2riomaggioremilanountitled (nyc)mini monumentsmouth of the beastcolosseothis and thatages and ageswashington square park roma streetsyou here only when3 o'clockkonnos baythe omafietsrome, italybellagiocataloniato the heavensbeauchastel ponte sant angelo, romeles tapieslincoln memorial westone of twelvesarasota skieslumière éternellepont des artsticketsmonte carlosunsetting on the pacificveneziaper i peroviuntitled (looking up, barcelona)summer solsticeuntitled (trifecta)on the other sidethe water fallspisabelltown 17metropolitanuntitled (usa)in things unseenuntitled (east chancel)lady of versaillewood lanesveneziamonte carlountitled (bershire)s'allumertuleriesafterlifepoolsidevancouver pride parade (c.2009)gallerie imbertgardens of versaillesouth bankgojihotel de villeuntitled (seeing through you)lavandula stoechasnice is niceuntitled (morning, hyde park)end of the roadmassif centralhall of mirrorsuntitled (watches)french doorsweathering the stormshenandoahthe lamplighteruntitled (after the rain)untitled (original libertine)untitled (b.c.)the sky is callingthe green shuttersuntitled (he sings for her)underneathêtre libresunday afternoon untitled (the reacher)untitled (london eye)untitled (illuminated)windsoruntitled (the forgotten)kinderento have notlive without dead timeuntitled (boat mural)bathsoliloquygol'avion vertuntitled (light moves)texas
people, places, things
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